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Health Canada Says Not To Eat Raw Cookie Dough And People Are Being Real Mature About It

lol no.

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Well this week Health Canada released a warning about eating raw, delicious doughs and batters due to possible E. coli contamination in uncooked flour.

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"Health Canada is reminding Canadians that it is not safe to taste or eat raw dough, batter, or any other product containing uncooked flour, as raw flour can be contaminated with harmful bacteria such as E. coli," their alert says.

"Do not taste raw dough or batter or any other product containing uncooked flour. Eating a small amount could make you sick."

E. coli can leave you with stomach cramps, bloody diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and headaches. Basically they don't want you sampling the goods until they've been properly cooked.

And obviously Canadians are being very mature about it.

@ooh_lalla doNt eAt raW CoOkiE dOuGh, hEaLth CaNadA WarNs


Tough crowd.

People are pretty emotional.

Apparently bloody poops aren't a good enough deterrent.

This is probably the most passionate people have been about a Health Canada alert like...ever.

Points for trying, though.

@CBCNews You'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands Health Canada.

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