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46 Questions "Pretty Little Liars" Never Really Answered

"Everything will be answered." REALLY? I MEAN, REALLY? Oh yeah, you better believe there's spoilers here.

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STOP WHERE YOU ARE! If you haven't watched the finale of Pretty Little Liars, do not pass go, do not collect $200, or continue reading this post!


LAST WARNING FOR SPOILERS! OK, great. Let's get through the unanswered questions from seven seasons of this goddamn show.

37. Why was Tanner allowed to work on a case where the Liars were the prime suspects, even though she once sent them to jail for a crime that was staged to make them look guilty?

38. How did Mona change clothes so quickly from leaving the Two Crows diner, and ending up on top of the belltower with Hanna?


Did she have a spare change of clothes in the passageway that led her to the belltower?

40. The police confiscated the girls' phones, then Spencer got them burner phones. Alison then received a call later from Tanner after they had sprung Aria in the act of "working" for A.D.. How did Tanner get Ali's burner phone number?

46. And why am I going to miss this show so much, even though every week I was losing my goddamn mind?

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