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9 Forgotten TV Shows You'll Only Remember If You Used To Watch The N

Everybody remembers Degrassi: The Next Generation, but what about the other stuff?

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2. The Best Years

The N

Why you should remember it: The unique show revolved around a young woman who grew up in foster care but made it to an Ivy League college, and it wasn't afraid to touch on some super heavy topics.


5. About a Girl

Global Television Network

Why you should remember it: It was like a college version of New Girl, a few years before New Girl even existed. This series revolved around a girl in college who has guy roommates and one of them is a clear, potential romantic interest.

9. Beyond the Break

The N

Why you should remember it: It was about professional surfers and it lasted for three seasons, featuring a number of guest starts and recurring chracters along the way, from Olivia Munn and Jesse Williams, to Kim Kardashian and Drake.