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19 Things From Dundee That Will Make You Say "Fuck, Why Don't We Have Those?"

People who claim Dundee is shit have clearly never had a Helicopter Burger.

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1. Potato vending machines.

Twitter: @DrGillPaterson

Grewar Farm Shop run actual vending machines with tatties, eggs, and other home-grown delights inside. If that isn't the best idea since sliced potatoes, what is?


3. Fisher and Donaldson.

Instagram: @fairfieldfoodies

This iconic, historic Dundee bakery chain makes lovely treats like this puff pastry chocolate tower the size of a baby's head. Get in my face.

5. The immortal helicopter burger from Clark's.

Twitter: @dolphinghirl

Clarks is a legendary 24-hour bakery that's open seven days a week, and dispenses essential post-pub delights like this insane combination: a delicious combination of burger, lorne sausage, bacon, fried egg, and chips in a bun. Omg.

7. And random dolphins in the river.

Instagram: @bilybrannan

They're basically as common as seagulls in Dundee*. Everywhere else in the UK and southern Europe? Not so much.

*Plus they don't shit everywhere. Bonus.


10. Mobile tea rooms.

Instagram: @artisanabakes

Artisana Bakes is like an ice cream van, but for scones and jam and tea and cakes. You can hire it for events, and it will show up and make your party fancy.

12. Two other words: chip pizzas.

Best thing about being in Dundee after a night out

Why have pizza and chips when you could save time and eat a chip pizza? Magic.


13. Streets named after comic books.

Twitter: @northantswalks

The Beano and the Dandy are both published by D.C. Thomson Press in Dundee, hence this fun sign. New York should really rename itself Gotham City and rename their roads accordingly: "I live on the corner of Arkham and Batcave."

14. Whimsical statues.

Twitter: @KatrineBussey

There are the famous Dundee Penguins (above), a Desperate Dan statue that drunk students are always tripping over, a Lemmings statue to commemorate the fact that the original game was invented here's more statue than city.

15. A unicorn in the city centre.

Twitter: @FrigateUnicorn

The HMS Unicorn is the last intact warship from the 1800s, and one of the six oldest ships in the world. It's also a gallery and event space, so if you want to have a party in an ancient boat probably haunted by long-dead sailors, you can.

16. And a branch of the V&A museum.

Dundee's getting its very own branch of the V&A museum soon, on the waterfront, designed by famous architect Kengo Kuma. Where's your V&A museum, all other towns apart from London? Eh? OH YOU DON'T HAVE ONE HAHA.

17. Extra AF marmalade.

Twitter: @VeganOlive1

Without Mackays, Dundee society would crumble. The firm were founded in 1938, and make their jams using traditional copper pans. They even do a marmalade with champagne in it, which is probably what Jay-Z has for breakfast.

18. Views like this:

Instagram: @totem_visage

The Tay Bridge is pretty damn cool, when you think about it.

19. And finally, Dundonians themselves.

Twitter: @punsnotpubs

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