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39 Ways To Gently Remind Your Friends To Vote Today

Go for a Nando's with the lads and lightly suggest "wouldn’t it be banter if we all just voted after this haha".

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1. Break into their house and wake them up by seductively whispering “vote” in their ear.

2. Then make them breakfast and carve the words “Vote, you numpty” on each cereal flake.

3. Hire a recording studio and cover all the top hits at the moment, but instead of the normal words just sing the word “vote”. Pay for those recordings and then upload them on to your friend’s iPod.

4. Alternatively, sell those singles to radio stations so you friends really can’t escape your message.

5. Hold a seance with a Ouija board and gently guide it to spell out V-O-T-E.

6. Suggest a game of Scrabble but take out all the letters that aren't V, O, T, or E.

7. Tell them you got them a puppy and lead them to the polling station where the “puppy” is waiting.

8. Actually deliver on the puppy promise because you both deserve it after fulfilling your democratic duty.

9. Seductively whisper "Babe, I bet you have a massive, whopping...opinion on wealth redistribution."

10. Buy them a “This guy voted in the 2017 general election!” shirt with an arrow pointing upwards so that they have to vote if they ever want to wear it.

11. Become skilled and renowned in the field of coffee art after watching some YouTube tutorials. Make them a fresh latte with the word “vote” inscribed so beautifully on top.

12. Go for a Nando's with the lads and lightly suggest "wouldn’t it be banter if we all just voted after this haha” while passing the lemon and herb dip across the table in this judgment-free zone.

13. Tell them about the secret passed down by your ancestors since 1832 about the national treasure hidden by the founding fathers of America. Create a series of events that leads to them stealing the Declaration of Independence; this then leads them on a wild chase to find clues and run from the FBI. While they're running from the FBI, offer them a safe space where they are welcome to hide out and uncover information about the national treasure. That safe space is a voting booth.

14. Print out each of the parties' manifestos and stick them on the fridge.

15. Marry them and ask them to take your surname. After the honeymoon reveal that your surname is “Vote-alicious”.

16. Get a really cute kid to ask them to vote.

17. Get a really cute talking dog to ask them to vote.

18. Get national sweetheart David Attenborough to ask them to vote.

19. Adjust autocorrect on their phone so whenever they type "cool" it's replaced with "I'm going to vote". They'll assume it's a sign they must honour before ever accusing you of meddling.

20. Tickle them until they agree to vote.

21. Put on a classic episode of Art Attack and ask them "WWNBWYTD?" (What would Neil Buchanan want you to do?) Let them sit with that for a bit.

22. Just sit and make some art with them for a while. It’s been a short but tiring campaign season. It'll do you both good.

23. Remind them that Basil Brush would want them to vote.

24. Scat until they beg you to stop and have no place to get away from freeform jazz other than the voting booth.

25. Take them to Wilko for a casual shop. They'll be so overwhelmed by their beliefs on British consumerism, they'll run off to the polling station to have their say.

26. Promise them a lil' sticker if they vote.

27. Tell them that there’s sunshine inside the voting booth. A true British citizen can’t resist that.

28. Tell them you just spotted Idris Elba at the polling station.

29. Tell them the story of an imp called “vote” – about how a miller lies to a king that his daughter can spin straw into gold, and the girl then gets locked in a tower and but cannot spin gold. The imp gives her the power to do so, under one condition: She will give him her firstborn child. When the child is born she begs the imp not to take it away; he agrees only if she can guess his name. After multiple wrong answers she overhears him dancing around a fire chanting “Vote, vote, vote!" The next day she correctly guesses and the imp is so angry he turns to stone. Anyway, that story should subliminally remind your friend to vote.

30. Get a dog and name it "Vote". Over time as you say "Good Vote!" or "Good boy, Vote!" the two words will become synonymous.

31. Take them to Disney World, organise a flash mob, and then just as they’re the most overwhelmed they’ve ever been get down on one knee and say: “Will you please vote today?”

32. Perform a Freaky Friday-esque swap between your friend and a clone of your friend who has been genetically engineered to want to vote.

33. Remind them that Babe, the pig from Babe, would want them to vote.

34. Write them a formal letter reminding them that your friendship hinges on their political engagement and without them voting today you will have to terminate the relationship. But put in “xoxo” at the end so it doesn’t come off too harsh.

35. Tell them there's a tiny hedgehog that plays the piano at the polling station.

36. Threaten to let out a whopper of a fart unless they vote.

37. Watch the 2001 film Legally Blonde, then have a long discussion about the poignant overarching themes of that film. Make sure to really dwell on the agency of Elle Woods. Then, after you’ve shed a few tears and promised to become fashion-loving lawyers together, ask them if they think Elle Woods would vote. They’ll know the answer in their heart and will quickly run off to the polling station.

38. Just simply tell them "voting is important".

39. Send them this.

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