17 Times Tom Holland Had Our Hearts

    Spider-Man never looked so good.

    1. When he did "Umbrella" for his lip-sync battle.

    2. When he described his first movie-watching experience.

    3. When he wore this suit.

    4. When he posed in front of his own poster.

    5. When he totally butchered the French language.

    6. When he visited a children's hospital and dressed up as Spider-Man.

    7. When his chair broke.

    8. When he and Zendaya introduced themselves.

    9. And when he did a flip for her.

    10. When he gesticulated like nobody's business.

    11. When he played in this bed.

    12. When he brought out the ultimate movie quote.

    13. When he showed off his buff body.

    14. When he did this weird little turn.

    15. When he had enough of cats.

    16. But really loved this dog.

    17. And when he was just too British to function.

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