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    17 Photos You'll Recognize If You Ever Ate At McDonald's In The '80s Or '90s

    Walking into the PlayPlace and seeing a Nintendo 64 setup...priceless.

    There is but one truth in the fast-food world, and it is this: Pre-2000s McDonald's was the best McDonald's.

    1. You could chill in Burger Jail if you wanted to.

    2. There were little pieces of transforming McDonald's food.

    3. Some of them were dinosaurs!

    4. Even the chairs were on brand.

    5. They gave out Halloween buckets, which were obviously super useful.

    6. You may remember having a dinosaur hand puppet.

    7. Or chilling on a bench with Ronald himself.

    8. Even if you didn't have a Halloween McNugget toy, you probably remember the commercials.

    9. Pretty much every house in America had one of their collectible Garfield mugs.

    10. McDonaldland cookies? Yep.

    11. These Looney Tunes toys with snap-on superhero costumes were cool as heck.

    12. And so were these Tiny Toons flip cars.

    13. Seeing the brand-new Nintendo 64 set up in the restaurant was a beautiful surprise.

    14. The cups were very colorful.

    15. There was the "Mac Tonight" moon man, who was creepy but effective.

    16. You probably really wanted to collect all of the Disney toys that came in fake VHS boxes.

    17. And, of course, there was the Styrofoam. So. Much. Styrofoam.

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