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People Are Sharing Their Worst "I Thought I Was Alone" Moments And They're Cringey And Great

What would you do if you walked in on your mom watching porn?

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On Thursday, a Reddit thread asked people, "What's your most embarrassing 'I thought I was alone' moment?" Here are some of the users' submissions.

1. The imaginary friend(s):

"When I was 8, I was lonely and invented invisible friends to play basketball with. I'd call out, 'Over here, Tina!' 'Nice shot, Mel!' Little did I know the dreamy teenage boy next door was standing in his driveway for who knows how long, watching me. Mortified, I stopped talking and awkwardly dribbled home." —ficcionella

2. The exposed penis:

"When I was 14, I didn't own a laptop so I used the home desktop to masturbate. About to orgasm, I see my dad walk through door. I froze. I was so into it, my body went into some sort of autopilot and I was unable to stop. I finished as the door opened. I flip my penis into my waistband. I say, 'What's going on, dad?' He gives me a look of disgust. How did he know? At that moment, I look down only to discover my still-erect penis was on the OUTSIDE of my shirt. I was mortified. It's never been brought up." —zullqarnain

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3. The Jedi:

"My old car had push-button door openers for the truck. I'd push it and put my hand out like I was opening it with the force. Dude was walking his dog, saw me, and said 'How's it going there, Luke?'" —ViciousKnids

4. The sibling rivalry:

"I like to walk around the house naked. I gave a spare key to my mom and didn't know she had let my brother and his wife borrow it. I had a rough day at work that day, so after hopping out of the shower and drying off, I didn't bother to put on clothes or a towel. Walk into the kitchen to get a snack, and suddenly there's my sister-in-law. They had pulled into my driveway and come in, while I was in the shower. My brother was upset that his wife had seen me naked, and it didn't help when I joked, 'What, afraid she'll think I'm bigger?'" —GWF_1987

5. The most uncomfortable walk-in-on-someone experience ever:

"One time I knocked on the door of my mom's house and she yelled 'Come in,' so I went in and caught her watching porn in broad daylight in the living room. She chased me out of the house yelling 'It's not what you think it's not what you think! I got that from the sex shop, and I thought when you knocked that you were my boyfriend cause I'm expecting him to be here any minute!' —tsim12345

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6. The cat whisperer:

"I was meowing a song to my friend's cat when his mom came from around the corner and caught me." —Eddyman

7. The loud, juicy fart:

"I thought I was the only one at work one early morning. There was zero chance any other worker would be there for hours. I was listening to loud music on my headphones. Had to fart, did it. It was a loud, vibrating juicy fart. Turned around in my chair to see the overnight cleaning lady standing right behind me. She looked quite ill." —paulvs88

8. The wannabe krumper:

"I watched one of the Step Up movies when I was about eight, and afterwards decided to attempt to krump. I was on the floor mimicking one of the moves from the movie, and wound up doing this weird semi-worm, partial seizure move when I heard my brother laughing from my door. We haven't spoken about it since, but it's forever engrained in my memory." —piggyjiggypiggy

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9. The Bluetooth mixup:

"I remember a guy once posting about having the volume of his porno video playing perfectly quiet for him to hear, only to realize it's hooked up to the front room Bluetooth speakers downstairs." —life_bytes

10. The phone daddy:

"I was heading out of the office last night and I dropped my phone as tried to put it in my pocket. When it hit the ground I said pretty loudly in a high-pitched voice 'Oh my gosh, daddy is so sorry he hurt you.' Unfortunately, I wasn't the last one in the building that day and a guy from the company upstairs just stared at me like a was fucking weirdo as he walking down the stairs. I quickly grabbed my phone and speed-walked to my car." —2agrant

11. The complainer:

"This happened last week. I was on the long, drawn-out conference call and got bored so started complaining hard about my job to a co-worker over Skype. All of a sudden my boss's boss says, 'Hey, guy, you're still sharing your screen.'" —jason64-0

12. The bald-shamer:

"A friend asked me where our bald teacher was. I said, 'Probably in the bathroom shaving his head.' Little did I know, he was listening the whole time and crept out from behind the white board and proceeded to embarrass me in front of the entire class." — chucknorris4608


You can check out more submissions here!

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