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If You Do 10 Of These 15 Things, You're Officially A Hypochondriac

The Vaporub and your travel pillbox are your best friends.

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3. Your friends come to you for a quick consult as a first step before going to see their own doctor.

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"Hey, you know about this stuff, if my head hurts and my throat is sore, what should I take?"

7. You spend A LOT of money on Kleenex.

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The big boxes, the little square boxes for your desk, individual packets, the kind with aloe... the variety doesn't matter. You have them all.


12. You can't remember the last time you felt 100% healthy.

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You've always got a little bug, or a leftover cough from your last cold, or allergies, or this, or that, or another thing.

15. And if you go a few weeks without feeling bad, you start to worry that the big one is about to get you.

This post was translated from Spanish.


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