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9 Celebrity #TBTs You Need To See This Week

Chrissy Teigen as a high school cheerleader kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday.

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1. Chrissy Teigen remembered her cheerleading days.

Instagram: @chrissyteigen

2. Anderson Cooper shared this photo from his pre-silver fox days in honor of his 50th birthday.

Instagram: @andersoncooper

3. Weezer's Rivers Cuomo took us back to the early-'90s.

Instagram: @rivers_cuomo

4. Salma Hayek remembered her friend, the late Prince, on what would've been his 59th birthday.

Instagram: @salmahayek

5. Tracee Ellis Ross remembered when she filmed the pilot for The Game.

Throwback to me as Joan Clayton on the pilot episode of #TheGameBET in 2006! #TBT

6. Dolly Parton gave us a glam TBT pic, of course!

Instagram: @dollyparton

7. Paul McCartney shared this photo from the recording sessions of his Wings' album, Back to the Egg.

Instagram: @paulmccartney

8. Brie Larson posted some cute photos from when she attended the Teen Choice Awards in 2004.

Can we blame these poses on "the times" or must I own up to my transgressions? #tbt

9. And finally, Kim Kardashian shared this photo of her and Kanye West on a date in London in 2012, in honor of his 40th birthday.

Instagram: @kimkardashian

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