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    28 Pool Toys That'll Make You Drop Everything And Go Swimming

    Whatever floats your boat.

    1. The pool will be your your oyster thanks to this mermaid shell pool float.

    2. Rest your head on the crust and your body on the delicious toppings of this yummy float that'll totally steal a pizza your heart. Sorry, was that CHEESY?!

    3. Become the master of throwing fun pool parties thanks to an inflatable pool-volleyball game.

    4. Be a smartie and glide across your pool with a candy noodle.

    5. And while you're at it, add this pool noodle to your collection too. I don't have a pun for this one, sorry toots. 😉

    6. Challenge your friends and family to an addictive inflatable cactus ring game.

    7. Throw these playful toypedo bandits to the bottom of the pool, and see how fast you can dive under to fetch them.

    8. Throw up a deuces as you lay back in this colorful peace-sign float.

    9. Get yo' tan on, and stay super comfy with an inflatable suntan tub that keeps you and your belongings in, and water out.

    10. Monkey around with a fruity float you'll go absolutely bananas for.

    11. Impress your Insta followers when you strike a pose in this gorgeous floral flamingo float.

    12. Test your aim with these super fun UFO squirter inflatable toys.

    13. Stay connected at all times with a smart phone float that's 2017 AF.

    14. Rev up your baby's engine and drive, I mean, glide them across the pool in this baby buggy.

    15. Get lit in the pool this summer — no really, this pool candy raft lights up.

    16. Opt for a classic float this summer with a pretty pink flamingo.

    17. See how fast you can catch the dive rings — such a classic pool toy.

    18. And while you're at it, you might as well just splurge on the matching "floatmingo" drink-holders.

    19. Or, go for these hella tropical palm tree drink floats so your beverage can channel island paradise ~vibes~.

    20. Get jiggy wit it with an aqua cradle — perfect for slow rocking two people or turning up the fun for one.

    21. De-stress and chill tf out thanks to a floating recliner.

    22. Partay it up in the pool thanks to a a floating pong set.

    23. Be a lil' bit shellfish and lay back in a lobster float while you tan...or turn a nice shade of red.

    24. Stay cool in the pool thanks to a sunglasses emoji float.

    25. Keep the kiddos happy with an eight-spot pool float that ensures they'll all get a chance to play.

    26. Bring a carnival game favorite right to your own swimming pool with a shooter inflatable toy. Stuffed animal prizes not included.

    27. Melt your troubles away while laying back on an ice cream sandwich float.

    28. Channel your inner-magical creature by using a unicorn-pegasus float.

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