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18 Things You'll Only Understand If You Secretly Love Drama

It's not your fault you find the human condition so interesting.

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1. Nothing gives you a natural high like gossip.

Instagram: @halalburger

3. And if you see the slightest hint of it you'll go digging until you find the root of the dramz.

Me when there's some beef going down on the timeline

4. In a drama drought you'll take whatever comes your way – you're not fussy.

Instagram: @_lolcomedy69_

5. You've gone through periods where you've tried to curb your addiction.

Instagram: @ducklingday

6. You know it's bad, but you just love it too much.

when you're trying to mind your own business but also love to know other people's drama

7. You get stressed if you have to hold in other people's drama, but you probably have a few people who you've decided you can tell stuff without it counting.

telling your mom other people's drama so that she doesn't ask about yours

Your mum and that one friend who's out of the group.


8. Even though you live for drama you're smart, so you try to stay directly out of the firing line.

Instagram: @bisexualmyass

9. But your naturally dramatic genes tend to sneak up on you and get you in deep drama anyway.

Instagram: @hoodlives

10. You prioritise finding out gossip over most things.

Instagram: @__worldmakeup

11. You have become an expert at asking the right questions at the right time.

trying to figure out other people's drama without them knowing about it


13. And you get such a thrill from telling the group some new goss.

Me: I hate drama Also me when there's drama & someone asks me what happened:

15. You just think human beings are complex creatures and their emotions are so interesting.

Instagram: @viper__ac

16. Also you get bored easily and other people's problems are a great distraction from your own.

17. Also you just LIVE for the drama.

Me: he apologized. I should just say okay & let it go. Other me: bring up that thing that pissed you off 3 weeks…


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