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9 Reasons Dogs Are Better To Follow On Instagram Than People


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1. @mensweardog

Instagram: @mensweardog

This is my favourite thing on the internet. Part dog, part fashion blogger, this fella may just be the most stylish pup in the world.

2. @burrito_the_corgi

Instagram: @burrito_the_corgi




3. @rescuedogsofinstagram

Instagram: @rescuedogsofinstagram

Featuring the loveliest, more huggable rescue pups on Instagram.

4. @marniethedog

Instagram: @marniethedog

Marnie's tongue is always out so she's always ready to give big sloppy kisses. Thank you Marnie, you're the real MVP.

Also, Marnie is an older rescue dog. Please adopt older rescues as they tend to have the most difficulty finding a forever home.

5. @lucyfarted

Instagram: @lucyfarted

Meet Lucielle Bull. She may look tough, but inside she's just a sweetheart who loves watermelon flavoured sweeties.

6. @lil_rufio

Instagram: @lil_rufio

The little Pomsky with the big name: Rufio Maximus Fauria.

7. Corgnelius and Stumphrey.

Instagram: @corgnelius

They named their Corgi "Corgnelius". C'mon. That's brilliant. Worth a follow at least.

8. Doug The Pug.

Instagram: @itsdougthepug

One of the most famous pugs in the world. If you're not following this little guy can you even call yourself a dog fan?!

9. Maru Taro.

Instagram: @marutaro

Look at his happy lil' face. He's so happy.