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Proof That Gal Gadot Is Actually A Real-Life Superhero

Trust me, I've got proof.

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If you're like most of America, you've already seen Gal Gadot kick some major fuckboy ass in the past week in Wonder Woman.

Warner Bros.

If not you need to stop what you're doing IMMEDIATELY and run, don't walk, to the nearest theater.

At this point, we're used to seeing actors (usually white handsome men named Chris) transform into super heroes on screen. But after further research, I'm *PRETTY* sure our gal Gal is actually a real-life superhero. Let's look at the evidence, shall we?


But wait, there's more! Can we talk about the fact that Gal wasn't just acting when she was kicking all those dudes' asses? She has ACTUAL military experience — how many of the white Chris's can say that?


OK, so if you need even more evidence that Gal is a real-life superhero, can we talk about the fact that Gal has been juggling kicking ass with other impressive activities on the side for years?