23 Celebs Who Will Be Having Birthday Celebrations In April

    Let the birthday fun begin!

    It's birthday month for April babies!

    So grab your party hats because I've rounded up 23 celebs that will turn another year older this month. Take a look:

    1. To start, Asa Butterfield turned 26 on April 1.

    Asa Butterfield on the red carpet

    2. Pedro Pascal celebrated his 48th birthday on April 2.

    Pedro Pascal on the red carpet

    3. And he shares a birthday with Michael Fassbender, who just turned 46.

    Michael Fassbender at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race

    4. Eddie Murphy celebrated another year around the sun when he turned 62 on April 3.

    Eddie Murphy at the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards

    5. Robert Downey Jr. blew out his birthday cake candles on April 4, turning 58.

    Robert Downey Jr. at the AFI Fest 2022

    6. On April 5, Sterling K. Brown turned 47.

    Sterling K. Brown on the red carpet

    7. Paul Rudd is going to be 54 on April 6.

    Paul Rudd on the red carpet

    8. Leighton Meester is also celebrating her birthday this month, turning 37 on April 9.

    Leighton Meester on the red carpet

    9. It's all about David Harbour on April 10 when he turns 48.

    David Harbour on the red carpet

    10. Get ready to sing Ron Perlman happy birthday when he turns 73 on April 13.

    Ron Perlman on the red carpet

    11. Abigail Breslin will be 27 when her birthday rolls around on April 14.

    Abigail Breslin on the red carpet

    12. Emma Watson is celebrating her 33rd year on April 15.

    Emma Watson at an event

    13. Seth Rogen is another celeb born on April 15, turning 41 this year.

    Seth Rogen on the red carpet

    14. On April 16, Anya Taylor-Joy will be 27.

    Anya Taylor-Joy on the red carpet

    15. Jennifer Garner is 51 on April 17.

    Jennifer Garner on the red carpet

    16. April 18 might be tax day this year but it's also America Ferrera's 39th birthday.

    America Ferrara at the IMDb Official Portrait Studio

    17. Robbie Amell will turn 35 on April 21.

    Robbie Amell on the red carpet

    18. Not only is April 22 Earth Day, but it's also Machine Gun Kelly's 33rd birthday.

    Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet

    19. Kal Penn is going to be 46 on April 23.

    Kal Penn on the red carpet

    20. Channing Tatum's 43rd birthday falls on April 26.

    Channing Tatum on the red carpet

    21. Alexa, play Lizzo's "Birthday Girl" because the singer turns 35 on April 27.

    Lizzo on the red carpet

    22. On April 28, Jessica Alba will officially turn 42.

    Jessica Alba on the red carpet

    23. Finally, Gal Gadot will be the birthday girl on April 30 when she turns 38.

    Gal Gadot on the red carpet