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We Talked To Trailblazer Model Halima Aden About Muslim Women In Fashion

The Somali American model talks about her favorite parts about Ramadan, being elected homecoming queen in high school, and growing up in refugee camps in the newest episode of See Something Say Something.

rona One year ago

Fatima Ali On "Top Chef" And The Healing Powers Of Pakistani Food

The chef stopped by See Something Say Something to chat about her time on Top Chef, how her Pakistani heritage influences her work, and her recent cancer diagnosis.

rona One year ago

Oddisee On How He Works On Albums During Ramadan

Sudanese American artist Oddisee, aka Amir Mohamed, talks about working during Ramadan, learning from his travels, and how his experiences growing up in the DC metro area around other black, immigrant, and Muslim families affected his rap.

rona One year ago

Ayman Mohyeldin Talks About Reporting In Gaza And Fasting In A War Zone

The MSNBC anchor stopped by See Something Say Something to talk about his work on-air and off.

Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad On Training While Fasting For Ramadan

Hear about how the Olympic fencer and bronze medalist has created the things she wants to see in the world on the newest episode of See Something Say Something.

Trump Promised To Protect Iraqi Christians. ICE Rounded Them Up.

At least 100 Iraqi Christians arrested by ICE over the summer are still waiting to know what's going to happen.

Megan Detrie 2 years ago
Alex Laughlin 2 years ago

A 91-Year Old Imam Still Finds Joy In The Podcast Studio

Abdur-Rahim Rashada survived World War II, Jim Crow, and then converting to Islam. Hear his story on See Something Say Something.

Ahmed Ali Akbar 2 years ago

What's The Connection Between Islam And Hip-Hop In America?

"A dope lyric over a tight beat? That's like an ayah."

Ahmed Ali Akbar 2 years ago

Here’s What I Learned From Performing My First Halal Slaughter

On Eid al-Adha, Muslims around the world slaughter and donate a portion of lamb, goat, or cow in honor of Abraham’s sacrifice of his son. I went to a slaughterhouse in Detroit to figure out if I had the stomach to kill the animals I consume.

Ahmed Ali Akbar 2 years ago

This Is The Podcast America Needs Right Now

Back for a third season, and better than ever.

Alex Laughlin 2 years ago

Ramadan Is Almost Over, So Let's Talk About Souls

What do you think a soul is, even?

What It Feels Like To Be A Convert To Islam In Ramadan

God giveth biryani and God taketh pork away.

Ahmed Ali Akbar 2 years ago

Celebrating Ramadan In Black Muslim Communities

The glory of #BlackMuslimRamadan and #BlackoutEid

I Asked Activists How American Mosques Can Be More Inclusive

This week the See Something Say Something podcast interviews folks on the challenge of building community.

Ahmed Ali Akbar 2 years ago

Listen To People Describe How They Begin A Day Of Fasting For Ramadan

On the new episode of See Something Say Something!

Ahmed Ali Akbar 2 years ago

About That "Master Of None" Religion Episode

Aziz Ansari's Master of None tackles questions around religion, parents, and barbecue pork in an ambitious episode that doesn't always hit the mark. (WARNING: Spoilers ahead.)

Show Us What Delicious Suhoor Foods You Eat Before Fasting For Ramadan

Whether you're at a diner eating pancakes or at home with family, we want to see what people around the world are eating for suhoor!

Ahmed Ali Akbar 2 years ago

Here Is What It's Like To Go To Prom When You're Muslim

We asked fans of BuzzFeed's podcast See Something Say Something to share their Muslim prom stories. WARNING: they are very tame.

Ahmed Ali Akbar 2 years ago

What Was It Like Going To Prom When You're Muslim?

Or, in some cases, not being able to go.

Ahmed Ali Akbar 2 years ago