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Oddisee On How He Works On Albums During Ramadan

Sudanese American artist Oddisee, aka Amir Mohamed, talks about working during Ramadan, learning from his travels, and how his experiences growing up in the DC metro area around other black, immigrant, and Muslim families affected his rap.

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Known by the moniker Oddisee, musician Amir Mohamed opened up to See Something Say Something about his experiences during his travels to Europe.

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I didn't know any white people for years. Where I'm from, everyone's black and you go to a historical black college and then you work for the District of Columbia government and you can go practically your whole lifetime almost without interacting with anybody. So it was eye-opening for me.

On making an album during Ramadan:

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It's off and on. You know, sometimes I break my workday up into four increments like morning, afternoon, night. Or I'll just stay up all night and hang out with the baby. All day. It's really, you know, depending on just how I feel in that day and what I have to do outside of music work. You know, if there's any other things that make me have to leave the house, etc.

But I don't like staying up all night. I'm not really a night owl. I like working with the sun. But definitely energy is a big part of creativity and feeding your brain because that's where your imagination is coming from. So these days I have been staying up 'til like 4 in the morning. And just working through the night and kind of, chilling and catnapping during the day.

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