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The Somali American model talks about her favorite parts about Ramadan, being elected homecoming queen in high school, and growing up in refugee camps in the newest episode of See Something Say Something.

The chef stopped by See Something Say Something to chat about her time on Top Chef, how her Pakistani heritage influences her work, and her recent cancer diagnosis.

Sudanese American artist Oddisee, aka Amir Mohamed, talks about working during Ramadan, learning from his travels, and how his experiences growing up in the DC metro area around other black, immigrant, and Muslim families affected his rap.

"I ADORE goofy family holiday traditions like this!"

Now we're Ramadone, it's time for some selfies.

These restaurants are havens where I don’t have to explain myself, where being Pakistani is the default.

Black henna can lead to allergic reactions. It's also illegal.

Or for any time of the year.

"You can bring your people who aren't Muslim, you can bring the people who aren't black, and you can bring the people who love and support who you are."

"idk if they're living 3018 or 1018."

The player has gone down injured at points in games that have both coincided with sunset.

*sits at the table for 5 minutes wondering what's going on*

«Je ne devrais pas fondre en larmes pour une publicité de fast-food.»

Hello, it's me.

The MSNBC anchor stopped by See Something Say Something to talk about his work on-air and off.

"Gotta look fly for the bowl of Weetabix."

Hear about how the Olympic fencer and bronze medalist has created the things she wants to see in the world on the newest episode of See Something Say Something.

"I shouldn't be crying for a fast food ad."

"This Ramadan remember to watch less Mo Salah and read mo salah"

"Like a boss."

"Can I have your number so I can wake you up for suhoor?"

I know the ways in which I fail in the face of my beliefs, and yet I wish to consider myself forgiven once each year.

"Both black and Muslim on this fine day."

Eid Mubarak, Y'all. <3

"I still sometimes get distracted during my night prayers by the thought of someone entering my mosque with the intent to harm. I wish this were an irrational fear."

“People should see that there are Muslims who are also part of the LGBT community.”

As you may know it's Ramadan this month, and black Muslims have been brought to the forefront in the best way.

Muslims on social media have been connecting via #VeganRamadan.

Let me help you end your month of fasting with a day of feasting.

You'll want to freeze some kababs for later.

Tastes just like home.

Smooth, rich, and creamy.

Daal = basically home in a bowl.

There are some steps involved.

What do you think a soul is, even?

"Anything is possible with passion and imagination."

I've always been deeply sexual and deeply religious. Traveling through my many selves taught me that those two don't have to be incompatible.

With a little imagination, Ramadan Kareem can sorta rhyme with 'dank meme'.

Four Muslim Converts tell their story.

Competitive athletes from around the world tell us how they stay in fighting shape while fasting for Ramadan.

Hours after Trump’s travel ban took effect, someone burned down a small-town Texas mosque. Since then, the mosque has drawn $1 million in donations and countless rosy headlines — so why are its members still terrified?

God giveth biryani and God taketh pork away.

People from all walks of life broke their fasts on Latimer Road.

When I moved away from home, I almost gave up on Ramadan. But an online confession helped me find my way back to it.

No water or food all day? Piece of cake, amirite?

Tell us how you feel.

Prep these meals this weekend.

The glory of #BlackMuslimRamadan and #BlackoutEid

A few dos and don'ts to help you both get through the month.

This week the See Something Say Something podcast interviews folks on the challenge of building community.

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