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10 Things The Guy Who Played Barney Just Revealed In An Epic New Interview

Waiiiit, Barney was a T. rex?

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It's true. There was an actual human being inside that big ol' Barney costume and his name was David Joyner. Business Insider just did an interview with the 53-year-old actor and it'll make you laugh, cry, and go, "Wait, whaaaat?!"

This man played Barney the dinosaur for 10 years — here's what it was like

Here's all the Barney scoop that just made my day a little brighter:


3. The feet of the costume were so big that Joyner had sneakers glued to the bottom of them.


Here he is with young Selena Gomez, but I'm just busy thinking about the sneakers glued to those dino feet.


8. But now he's back in the costume game in a YouTube series called Hip Hop Harry:

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