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    40 Cakes That I Really Hope Kanye West Likes

    It's what he would have wanted.

    1. Happy 40th birthday, Kanye West! Here are 40 cakes with your face on them, in honor of your special day.

    2. I know you like cakes with your face on them. I have PROOF.

    3. In fairness, who DOESN'T love a cake with their face on it?

    4. It's a tremendous honor.

    5. So many people have made you a part of their celebrations.

    6. Like Kristina!

    7. And Ryan!

    8. And Kara!

    9. And these people!

    10. Even Priscilla wanted you on her cake.

    11. Sometimes people put your lyrics on cakes.

    12. Or your album art.

    13. Or your shoes.

    14. Or simply your name.

    15. But that's not what we're here for. We're here for your FACE. On CAKES.

    16. Like this cake.

    17. And this cake!

    18. Are you having a good birthday???

    19. This is more of an abstract cake, but it's your face.

    20. This cake contains both your face, and a reference to the 2009 VMAs!

    21. This lady loves your face on a cake.

    22. This person put your face on a cake... ON A CAKE.

    23. Emotional cake.

    24. Someone took a little bite out of your head here.

    25. I bet Alex had a great birthday because of this cake.

    26. Sorry, Max.

    27. Someone spent a lot of time on this cake.

    28. This cake looks sort of similar to the other one, but it's a different cake.

    29. It's your face on a cake TWICE!

    30. Someone put your whole family on a cake!

    31. Wow.

    32. Nice!

    33. I don't think you wear shutter shades that much anymore, but they sure look delicious on a cake!

    34. Sometimes when your face is on a cake, it can get a little distorted. It just comes with the territory.

    35. This is your face on a NON-BIRTHDAY cake, if you can believe it.

    36. Technically, still your face.

    37. Lovely!

    38. This teen is making a wish on your face.

    39. Aw, look at that teeny cupcake face.

    40. Happy birthday, Kanye!!!