34 Photos Of Black Graduates To Remind You We Gon' Be Alright

    "Please hold your applause until after the—THAT'S MY BABY!!!"

    1. When your joy just can't be contained.

    2. When your #blackgirlmagic rains down for the world to see.

    3. When you're ready to make the triumphant leap into adulthood.

    4. When your reason for winning sees you win.

    5. When you're standing in your greatness.

    6. When your future's so bright you gotta squint.

    7. When you made sure the praises went up...

    8. ...so the blessings could come down.

    9. When you still keep it trill, grad cap and all.

    10. When you're already an inspiration for the next generation.

    11. When you rep your country to remind 'em where you're from.

    12. When you take a second to revel in the glory of it all.

    13. When you're set to stroll into a long line of #blackexcellence.

    14. When you do it for the culture.

    15. When you've crossed the finish line together.

    16. When you lead by example.

    17. When you're coming for everything they said you couldn't have.

    18. When you've held tight to your passion.

    19. When your mini-me is your biggest cheerleader.

    20. When you're feeling yourself and rightly so.

    21. When you're open to the infinite possibilities ahead.

    22. When you're casually slaying in your robe like a low-key fashion killa.

    23. When you've stayed focused on the end goal.

    24. When you're clearly in formation...

    25. ...and ready to take your seat at the table.

    26. When you've walked straight outta GQ and into your destiny.

    27. When they couldn't even handle an entire graduation beat, so you just give 'em half.

    28. When you're ready to become a professional and start stacking.

    29. When your graduation cap just says it all.

    30. When your sorors hold you down with nothing but love.

    31. When you're milly rocking, scooping all the blessings out your lap.

    32. When bae keeps you grounded and lifts you up at the same damn time.

    33. When you're ready for lift off in 3, 2, 1...

    34. And when you remember that it's much, much bigger than a diploma.