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    18 Times Tumblr Proved It Was Full Of Geniuses

    "You've heard of Big Foot, now get ready for... Small Hand."

    1. When someone had this amazing idea for a video game:

    2. When someone proposed this new business venture:

    3. When someone pitched this TV show:

    4. And this new movie character:

    5. Two new characters, in fact:

    6. When someone suggested this Taylor Swift album:

    7. And this fresh take on an old rock classic:

    8. When someone invented this tasty new snack:

    9. When someone came up with this concept:

    10. When someone upgraded that early '00s arcade classic:

    11. When someone improved on mythical creatures:

    12. When someone created this viral Facebook page:

    13. When someone pitched this cool new invention:

    14. When someone had this contemporary new take on a favourite past time:

    15. When these suggestions for your favourite past time were created:

    16. When someone came up with this alternative presidential candidate:

    17. When someone came up with a better alternative to philosophy classes:

    18. And finally, when someone suggested this idea:

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