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22 Pictures That Show How Different The Internet Was In 2007 Compared To Now

The internet was an entirely different place back then.

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1. Selfies in 2007:

Throwback to the days of under eyeliner and digital camera mirror selfies 😘😅@marisarebelo97 @JennelGarcia

4. Captioning photos in 2017:

At the playground cuz he say I play too much


6. Online challenges in 2017:

"The floor is lava" BEST GAME EVER


10. Getting your crush's attention in 2017:

@hanwoodley @rachaelmoore4l Me too


17. Making your social media profile look pretty in 2007:

“@TayyLynn1: Tb to MySpace layouts 😂😂 ” oh my god 😂😂

18. Making your social media look pretty in 2017:

What my neighbors see vs. what instagtam sees

22. Memes in 2017:

just cracking open a cold one with the boys

I think we can all admit that memes have come a long, long way.