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14 Things You Understand If You're Absolutely Fucking Terrified Of Your Parents

I had to ask my mom if I could post this.

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4. Chores are never done.

5. Having to keep your composure when you just want to relax but your parents want something.

6. Even when you're older, you still have to abide by the rules.

one year of college down but I still have to ask my mom if I can buy sugary cereal at the grocery store at home


8. The remote is ALWAYS off limits.

9. Cursing is NOT allowed, under ANY circumstance.

When you have a strict mom so you go in the other room to swear @richchigga

10. Getting a piercing or tattoo doesn't even cross your mind.

11. Trying to go somewhere without permission is UNACCEPTABLE.

Idk how some kids get to do anything they want when they turn 18.I still have to ask my parents for permission and…

12. Your parents are a part of any relationship that you have.

I'm in college & I've been dating my bf for almost 3 years & I STILL HAVE TO ASK MY PARENTS 4 PERMISSION TO GO ON A FLIPPING DATE W THE KID

14. Being somewhere you aren't supposed to be and nearly having a heart attack when you think you see your parents.

#GrowingUpWithStrictParents when you not where you supposed to be and you see a car drive by that's similar to your…