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    Updated on Jan 12, 2019. Posted on Jun 1, 2017

    14 Extravagant Gifts Sugar Daddies Bought For Their Sugar Babies

    Cars, bungalows, trips,

    I kindly asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the most luxurious gift their sugar daddy purchased for them. Although I'd hoped for more responses, I'm overjoyed to find out that some of you BuzzFeed readers are out there doin' what you gotta do to live that luxe life.

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    1. When you reap the benefits of a rich man, but get bored a few months into it.

    Third date was a first-class trip to the Bahamas. Sun, sand, and shopping. Got a brand new iPad for the trip, a $700 bikini, and each meal was gourmet with a $300 bottle of wine. After a month and a half he was looking at renting me a car and an apartment in the most expensive neighborhood in Toronto, while we flew to his condo in Florida every two weeks in the winter. It was fun, but I got bored after six months and moved on.

    - Anonymous

    2. Sometimes your sugar daddy flies you out to see...YOUR REAL DAD?

    He flew me home to see my real dad who I hadn't seen in 7 years. Got me a rental car and everything for while I was there.


    3. Cost of everyday life expenses: $1,000+. A trip to Spain as a reward for being good? Priceless.

    I am so thankful for this man. From the age of 18 until now (19) the basics needs are that he is currently paying for all of my college expenses, my car, my phone, any clothes/shoes/bags I want (within reason no more than 300$ for a single item of clothing and no more than $400 for accessories). The most luxuries thing however, was definitely over winter break when we decided to go to Spain for a week.


    4. Seems a little above the sugar baby's pay grade to takeover house chores, no?

    When I was in college, my boyfriend was a man who was about 14 years older than me, and made a VERY nice salary. I lived with him in his penthouse in a rich part of town and did not pay rent. I cooked for us and made sure that his bills were sent out on time. It was definitively uneven, financially. Sugar babies get called terrible names, but don't forget, the daddies they are with support them for a reason- these men WANT someone to care for them and look after them.


    5. Get you a sugar baby that can do both.

    I wouldn't say my SD is over-the-top, but I work full-time for a nonprofit and he helps me make ends meet. When I successfully finished a major project at my job, he treated me to a luxury hotel stay with a spa visit and the works because he wanted me to be able to relax.

    PSA: Not all sugar babies are money-hungry sluts, and not all sugar daddies are monsters. Mine is recently divorced and this is the type of relationship he can handle, and I like being able to chip away at my student loans. We appreciate and respect each other, so it's a win-win for us both :)


    6. Very 2007-ish.

    White gold/diamond chain collar that said "princess"


    7. Succinct.



    8. *Looks into a sugar daddy*

    A one-bedroom apartment on the upper West side of Manhattan


    9. Vroom vroom, bitch.

    Mine bought be a really nice Audi. This was awhile ago though.


    10. This girl is a national hero.

    Well, my sugar daddy is my babe. But, when we first met, he bought me a 1973 Monte Carlo. —katefitzgeraldkf

    11. Thanks, Obama.

    Medical insurance.


    12. Sorry, kid, but that's a "sugar mommy."

    I had a "sugar mommy" I guess...or maybe she was just a rich cougar. Either way, she took me to an all-inclusive 21+ resort in Mexico for a week, three days after I turned 21. The whole trip cost her $15k for us both.


    13. Sugar daddy...MOVE!!! THAT!!! BUS!!!

    I own a 1930's bungalow. My "sugar daddy" owns a construction company. He sent a crew in who totally remodeled my kitchen, pantry, two bathrooms, my wood floors, redid my ceilings and put a new roof on my house. Next he is adding a screened in porch and an apartment downstairs that I can rent or do airbnb. Better than diamonds.


    14. And finally, somewhere out there, it's inspiring to know that these two people are now trying to find someone to fund their lives:

    Where can I get one of those? What are the requirements? Lol


    Y'all are living Lmao. *starts taking notes*


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