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7 Deeply Interesting Questions Priyanka Chopra Has Had The Honour Of Answering


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You know who this is.

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Shuttling between simultaneously high profile careers in India and the West, Priyanka is a globetrotting superstar living a stressful, exciting, culturally polarised life. That makes for some seriously fascinating questions coming her way during interviews, like the following:

1. She gets asked meaningful, poignant questions all the time.

Chelsea / Via YouTube

2. There's intrigue regarding her time-management skills.

Good Day New York / Via YouTube

3. And often, compelling queries are made about Priyanka's achievements.

Watch What Happens Live / Via YouTube

4. Some questions are really tricky.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! / Via YouTube

5. Some really make you think. They shake you to the core.

6. Some make you feel closer to Priyanka Chopra, the human being.

Extra / Via YouTube

7. And she probably feels supremely honoured to be at the receiving end of it all.

Oh yeah, that's the scoop right there.
The Rachael Ray Show / Via YouTube

Oh yeah, that's the scoop right there.

All I can say is: