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14 Things That Are Only Relatable If You Love To Procrastinate

This is the year I'm going to make that Halloween costume I always talk about.

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3. Usually, when you make a list of things you have to do, you think making the list counts as getting work you reward yourself with some well-deserved relaxation.


4. You often make promises to yourself. And when you inevitably break those promises, you bargain with yourself: "OK, every page I read, I get a Skittle and five minutes of Instagram time."

5. Literally every Halloween you think *this* year will be the year that you change your ways and suddenly follow through on the totally awesome costume idea you have.

6. You have never met any quiz that you don't want to take...because it means you don't have to do what you're supposed to be doing.


10. And then once you succumb to the pressure of your responsibilities, you look around in denial as if something is going to drop from the sky and get you out of this situation you dug yourself into.

12. Sure, there are definitely some days where you think you're going to change who you are at your core and start actually doing your work in a timely fashion...

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