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Karl Stefanovic Just Absolutely Roasted The "Cheap, Lazy, Sexist" Daily Mail

"If you agree with me, the best thing you can do is to never go to that website."

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Today host Karl Stefanovic took a few minutes out of Friday morning's schedule to take aim at the "shameful" Daily Mail.

"Do not slur the reputations of others in your eagerness to throw mud at me." -@KarlStefanovic #9Today

The website published a story on Thursday night about Stefanovic and a female colleague after they were photographed together at a caravan park.

Today Show / Channel Nine

The article was headlined "Karl Stefanovic checks into humble caravan park with a Channel Nine colleague and 12 cans of pre-mixed rum, but girlfriend is nowhere to be seen".

"What would you say if I judged you for what you're wearing this morning – how would you feel if I criticised your hair, your makeup?" began Stefanovic.

Channel Nine

"I want to take a couple of minutes right now to call out an organisation that trades in these insults. This site specialises in shaming women," he said, referring to the Daily Mail.

"It's a site which has also used me and my colleagues as clickbait but we have to cop that."

"What I can't abide by is lies about others. Slurs on friends and colleagues," said Stefanovic. "The inference (in the headline) is that I'm a drunk. But the real hurt here is for my colleague."

Channel Nine

Stefanovic went on to explain that he and his female colleague were working on a story about struggling Australian prawn farmers.

"They need a few rums," he said. "The producer pictured on the website is a committed, hardworking young woman and not deserving of this cheap, lazy, sexist online slur.

"The idea that colleagues of the opposite sex cannot work together without something going on surely belongs to the 1950s – and for most of Australia it does – but not, it seems, on this website."


People reacted to Karl's smackdown of the Mail almost immediately, praising the breakfast TV host for his segment.

Well done to Karl and @TheTodayShow for standing up for co-workers who have been left in tears.

@karlstefanovic setting it straight on @TheTodayShow this morning. Excellent editorial Karl.

Calling out trash for what it is. Onya Karl.

Good on Karl for going in on the daily mail but it's be sick if people started taking women's critisms of the same stuff a bit more serious


im blocked by the today show but good on karl for whatever

Some people noted that Stefanovic's monologue could gather more traffic for the Daily Mail.

As much as I echo Karl Stefanovic's sentiments, the sad part is how much the Mail will now enjoy a spike in traffic.

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