Netflix Has Officially Canceled "Sense8"

    Netflix confirmed today that the original series will not return for a third season.

    Sense8, the Netflix original series that premiered in June 2015 and released its second season in May 2017, has officially been canceled.

    And fans aren't happy about it.

    SENSE8 HAD: • diversity • lgbtq representation • cinematography • good plot • amazing acting AND YALL CANCELLED IT??????

    Especially because the announcement came on the first day of June, which is Pride Month.

    1rst day of pride month: sense8 is cancelled

    they literally cancelled sense8 the gayest show on television on the first day of pride month this is the definition of homophobia

    Seems like a real slap in the face for @Netflix to cancel #Sense8 on the first day of Pride Month.

    ooo @netflix is cold, canceling @sense8 the 1st day of #pridemonth

    it's the first day of pride month and netlfix really cancelled sense8 after two seasons.

    The second season of Sense8 ended on a huge cliffhanger, and fans are already trying to find ways to get some sort of closure with #RenewSense8.

    Hey @netflix can we get a proper finale movie or something to close @sense8 off??? Don't do the fans dirty like thi…

    The show's official Twitter account sent out a heartbreaking farewell video.

    Thank you for being a part of our journey. Sensates forever.

    "Sensates forever."

    The second season of Sense8 premiered in May 2017. The original article only stated the date of the Christmas special release, which was December 2016.