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42 Tweets That Were So Hilariously Funny, They Got More Than 100K Retweets

Including the classic, "If I pay $40 for a haunted house I better die."

Tabir Akhter 3 months ago
Tabir Akhter 3 months ago
Tabir Akhter 3 months ago

51 Tweets That Will Never Ever Not Be Funny

"Stop encouraging everyone to go to college there is not enough parking"

Tabir Akhter 3 months ago

21 Tweets About Ordering Food That Are All Of Us

*at a restaurant with a baby* Separate checks, please.

Tabir Akhter 3 months ago
Tabir Akhter 4 months ago
Tabir Akhter 4 months ago

25 Hilarious Ramadan Tweets That Aren't "Not Even Water" Jokes

"You call it Taraweeh, I call it sneaker shopping"

Tabir Akhter 5 months ago

Celebrate The Holidays With BuzzFeed!

Hey there demons, it's a BuzzFeed live holiday special!

Tabir Akhter 10 months ago

16 Moments Only People Who Wake Up For Suhoor Will Understand

*sits at the table for 5 minutes wondering what's going on*

Tabir Akhter One year ago

17 Essential Tweets To Get You Through All 30 Days Of Ramadan

"This Ramadan remember to watch less Mo Salah and read mo salah"

Tabir Akhter One year ago

21 Tweets That Are Basically Your Man Crush Monday During Ramadan

"Your mcm vanishes in Ramadan because he is a shaitaan"

Tabir Akhter 2 years ago

Take A Listen To The Zayn Malik Episode Of "See Something Say Something"

The BuzzFeed podcast See Something Say Something talks about the pop icon and why it matters so much that he's Muslim and Pakistani.

Ahmed Ali Akbar 2 years ago

24 Outrageous Ramadan Tweets That Will Make You Laugh

PSA: It's Ramadan, so please be mindful and retweet all my selfies.

Ahmed Ali Akbar 3 years ago
Tabir Akhter 3 years ago

16 Texts Anyone Who Has Fasted During Ramadan Will Recognize

"WHAT TIME IS IFTAR?" - you, every night.

Ahmed Ali Akbar 3 years ago
Nathan W. Pyle 3 years ago

13 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself In The Face Of Islamophobia

The world is a pretty terrible place right now. Here are some ways to deal with it all.

Zainab Shah 3 years ago

People Are Tweeting Hilarious Made-Up Muslim Facts With #1in5Muslims

"#1in5Muslims think Ross and Rachel were on a break."

Ahmed Ali Akbar 3 years ago
Mollie Shafer-Schweig 3 years ago