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So Many Celebs Will Star In "Sharknado 5" And We Don't Understand Why

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming will premiere on Aug. 6 on Syfy.

Today, Syfy announced the title and release date of the next film in the Sharknado franchise.

The movie will follow couple Fin (Ian Ziering) and April Shepard (Tara Reid) as they attempt to save their son, who is trapped in a sharknado and being carried to cities all over the world, including London, Tokyo, Rio, Rome, and Amsterdam.

We’ll eventually share who the cameos are in #Sharknado5, but for now we’re just gonna let the suspense build 😏🦈🌪🌏

Yesterday, the network teased a slew of cameos to be featured in the film, and now we know just who those celebs are.

Guest stars include:

Some people are stoked about a Sharknado-filled summer:

Guess I know what I'll be watching 8.6.17 #Sharknado5 https://t.co/YkuiHoFtB5

I am excited #sharknado5. Love it https://t.co/QYSHiIYhOb

Others, not so much:

Sharks and tornados are now offended #Sharknado5

Im not great at math but it seems to me that 5 of these movies is about 5 too many. #Sharknado5

Coming soon.