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21 Reasons Why Only Men Should Wear Suits

*Fans self* Y-yes. Only men.

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1. PSA: only men can pull off suits.

Instagram: @natashaeshh

2. Like seriously. Suits are only made for a ~man's body~.

Instagram: @najalauf

3. A suit shouldn't show off your personality.

Instagram: @mrhoneytongue

4. And they look terrible with jewelry and makeup.

Instagram: @hope_wavy

5. Only MEN have the confidence needed to pull off pants and a jacket.

Instagram: @agentsofstylenet

6. Suits can only have manly prints, like checkers and plain stripes.

Instagram: @killakatie

7. If you're not a man, you should just give up and wear skirts or dresses instead.

8. Suits with long hair? L-O-L yeah right.

Instagram: @hersuitstyle

9. And suits with short hair? N-O-P-E. Not unless you're a MAN.

Instagram: @in_her_suit

10. Just...if you're not a dude, DON'T. DO. IT.

Instagram: @clarance___wong

11. Suits are only for formal occasions, like lunch meetings and hopping on calls.

Instagram: @shane

12. And don't even think about wearing them with heels.

Instagram: @styledealer713

13. Only a man in a suit can hold the attention of a room.

Instagram: @ncsed

14. Multicolored suits? No thank you. That's not how business casual rolls.

Instagram: @ayishalg

15. You need ~swag~ to pull off a suit and only men have that.

Instagram: @hersuitstyle

16. Suits just aren't supposed to be fun, ya know?

Instagram: @jacqueline_knigge

17. Ties? Don't even go there. Ties are men-zone only.

Instagram: @thefridagee

18. That goes for bowties, too. MEN. ONLY.

Instagram: @allisonfilms

19. Suits + beanie = fashion sin. A man would never think to do that.

Instagram: @lisa_shoesand

20. That flawless, take-over-the-world look is basically copyrighted by males in blazers.

Instagram: @lil_baroness_van_elsene

21. Because at the end of the day, only a man looks powerful in a suit.

Instagram: @musykchyk

So too bad everyone else. You'll just have to find something else to wear.

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