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Okay, Millennial Dogs Need To Chill TF Out

They don't know how good they have it!

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Igorr1 / Getty Images

1. Dog fashion these days:

Dog fashion back in the day:

Lleerogers / Getty Images

2. Dog treats these days:

Dog treats back in the day:

Manley099 / Getty Images

3. Dog toys these days:

Dog toys back in the day:

Ivanastar / Getty Images

4. Dog names these days:

Dog names back in the day:

Miraswonderland / Getty Images

5. Dog birthday parties these days:

Dog birthday parties back in the day:


6. Dog transportation these days:

Dog transportation back in the day:

Pk-photos / Getty Images

7. Dog kennels these days:

Dog kennels back in the day:

Mauinow1 / Getty Images

8. Famous dogs these days:

Famous dogs back in the day:


9. Dog-human bond these days:

BEHROUZ MEHRI / AFP / Getty Images

Dog-human bond back in the day:

Tom Kelley Archive / Getty Images

Some things will never change! 😉 🐶 ❤️

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