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    19 Ways To Be A Better Adult In June

    Make life less of a ~beach~ this summer.

    1. Feel more energized all day by sleeping on a memory foam pillow with a top layer that allows airflow to keep you cool and comfortable all night.

    2. Get ready to fire up the grill and choose a cut of meat (and cooking process) to make sure you get the most out of your money.

    3. If you haven't graduated to a full yard and grill, get the backyard barbecue effect with an indoor grill that sears meat, cooks evenly, and even pops right in the dishwasher.

    4. Brilliantly beach read with a book that says "I want to know about the universe" and also "I am incredibly busy."

    5. Swap out the soda for a mega-refreshing infused water that'll make you feel hydrated AND fancy.

    6. Consult a cookbook that'll help you eat healthy, delicious food on $4 per day — including recipes like spicy pulled pork, peanut chicken and broccoli, and peach coffee cake.

    7. And (when in doubt), just fake it 'til you make it.

    8. Take an online course to help build your career or start your stock portfolio from scratch (AKA learn what a stock is, first of all).

    9. Keep your skin out of the sun at the beach or park this summer with a shady tent that automatically pops up when unfurled.

    10. Keep your smart phone on a pretty stand on your desk or bedside table to check your notifications at a glance and keep your charging cord off the floor.

    11. Add another ~dimension~ to your decor-less space with square wooden shelves perfect for books, vases, and pretty knick-knacks.

    12. As you pack up any late-spring sweaters, do a closet cleanse to make sure you only keep what you'll actually wear.

    13. While you're swapping out your closet for warmer weather, get your ~drawers~ organized with drawer dividers.

    14. Back up your files on a compact external hard drive so you never lose those priceless photos you don't actually have copies of.

    15. If slumping over your computer is causing problems with your posture, try a simple yoga sequence to improve your back and chest.

    16. Perfect your form using a yoga mat printed with guide lines to help you with your alignment.

    17. Make your kitchen less of a dumpster fire with a garbage can featuring an activated carbon filter to eliminate any gross smell.

    18. Sound ~in the know~ about rosé when you're drinking it in the backyard or on a rooftop bar — just check this handy infographic for all the info.

    19. Dress up your picnic by sipping your canned rosé from the prettiest packaging of all time.

    Outside you can sound like a connoisseur, while your inner monologue says:

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