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Literally Just A Bunch Of Things That Only Will Make Sense If You're Addicted To In-N-Out

The struggle is real — it's just Animal Style.

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1. First of all, every In-N-Out addict knows that it isn't just a restaurant — it's a lifestyle.

2. That means you've realized you can never REALLY move from where you live (whether it's California or one of the other states that are #blessed to have In-N-Out) because you REALLY could not live without it.

3. And you hate whenever a new state gets In-N-Out, because you kind of love that it's YOUR thing. It's special, not every state needs to have it!

4. Whenever out of town friends visit and BEG to visit In-N-Out, you roll your eyes a little bit because they treat it like a novelty...but deep down you don't really mind.


5. You have to contain your excitement when you’re excited to explain the ins and outs (pun intended) of all the different ways to order (Secret Menu, SECRET Secret Menu) and how EVERYTHING has to be Animal Style.

6. Although, you laugh a little when you see them wear the paper hats and take Instagrams of their meal. Oh, tourists!


7. You also aren't a fan of the fact that there is always a long line, and you think there should be a VIP register for people like yourself. But the wait is always worth it.


8. Oh, and don't even get us STARTED on the drive through line. SMH.

9. And trying to find an empty table? CUTTHROAT.

10. Your car definitely smells like burgers and fries for a day or two after every time you that means it basically ALWAYS smells like that.

11. And you also have to fight the urge to scarf down your entire meal in the car before you get home. It's not easy!

12. Another struggle? It's so cheap, you know you could eat their every day if you wanted to...even though you know you shouldn't.

13. Also, you have to prevent yourself from screaming in the face of anyone who argues that Shake Shack is better than In-N-Out...


14. ...or even worse, Five Guys.


15. The greatest struggle of them all might be waiting for one of the employees to call out your order number at the counter! The anticipation KILLS you.

16. Also, resisting the urge to turn into every In-N-Out you pass on a drive or road trip is pretty difficult too.

17. But at the end of the day, even though the struggle of being an In-N-Out addict is wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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