23 Totally Inexcusable Breaches Of Cell Phone Etiquette

    The only cell some people deserve is a jail cell.

    1. Calling someone after they text you.

    2. Not looking where you're going while using your phone.

    3. Taking forever to respond to a text.

    4. Constantly using your phone while having dinner/drinks/coffee with someone.

    5. Responding to a text with just "ok."

    6. Talking on the phone while at a movie.

    7. Texting while at a movie.

    8. Overusing group texts.

    9. Leaving a voicemail.

    10. Not leaving a voicemail.

    11. Leaving someone on hold while you order.

    12. Taking photo after photo at an art museum.

    13. Using your cell phone in the bathroom.

    14. Constantly holding your phone up at a concert.

    15. Playing games in public with the sound on.

    16. Going through someone’s pics without asking.

    17. Talking way too loudly into your phone.

    18. Making everyone wait to eat their food so you can Instagram the meal.

    19. Having speakerphone conversations in public.

    20. Talking on the phone the entire time someone gives you a ride.

    21. Taking a call when watching TV with someone and not leaving the room.

    22. Not putting your phone on vibrate.

    23. Taking the phone out of someone's hand when they're trying to show you a photo.