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July 24, 2014

9 Melhores Momentos Do Auto Da Compadecida

A minissérie, protagonizada por Matheus Nachtergaele e Selton Mello, foi baseada na peça homônima de Ariano Suassuna, e exibida pela Rede Globo em janeiro de 1999. Os personagens continuam até hoje no imaginário do brasileiro como uma mistura de miséria e comédia.

How Recycling Is Saving Stray Dogs In Turkey

Turkish company Pugedon is trying to help the massive stray animal population by also helping the environment!

Hercules! A Look Back At The Actors Who Called Zeus Their Daddy

With Dwayne Johnson's Hercules set for theatrical release on July 25th, let's take a look back who donned the loin cloth and made us all want to hit the gym.

The Real Housecat Of Instagram

Cheese Enthusiast and Exotic Shorthair, @cheddarcheesepuff, digs her paws into the trials and tribulations of being a Real Housecat of Instagram.

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