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July 23, 2014

14 Raw Confessions About Gaza From People In Israel

From the anonymous sharing app Whisper: "They are fighting for our government's right to be terrorizing assholes."

Um fotógrafo encontrou estas fotos perdidas de mães e filhos 50 anos depois de tê-las tirado

Ken Heyman tirou estas belas fotografias de mães com seus filhos ao redor do mundo.

Making Sense Of Suicide With Sylvia Plath

Katie Crouch, author of Abroad, on surviving the first tech boom in San Francisco and the importance of Sylvia Plath.

38 Powerful Thoughts Gabriel Iglesias Has On Totally Random Things

In the midst of promoting his film The Fluffy Movie, the 38-year-old comic paid BuzzFeed a visit to talk about a variety of things including border patrol checkpoints, kittens, pro wrestling, and his own mortality.

7 Plants That Changed Your Life

BBC Radio 4 has a new podcast available worldwide, Plants: From Roots to Riches. Professor Kathy Willis, director of science at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, will be looking at how different plants underpin our lives. Even plants on the other side of the world can have a profound effect on your life. Here’s seven.

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