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15 Times People Ran Into Their Doppelgängers IRL


1. These two were coincidentally seated next to each other on a plane:

u/efie / Via

2. These ~sistas from other mistas~ spotted each other in a shopping mall:

I found my literal doppelgänger just now wtf

3. These ~totes adorbz~ coworkers:

u/LannyDoftus / Via

4. This guy who was randomly photobombed by a familiar-looking stranger:

r/BuddyIVVT / Via

5. These ladies ran into each other in a bar bathroom:

6. These guys met in an Ikea:

u/AustinMark / Via

7. These lookalikes met at a party:

u/jdc311 / Via

8. These ~pArTy BoYz~:

u/m4cb3th / Via

9. These two who also seem to have met in some sort of neon-colored, party-esque environment:

u/ApologizingCanadian / Via

10. ...Do I need to go to more parties?

u/young_mula / Via

11. Are parties where all doppelgängers flock to?

u/evilada / Via

12. Excuse me — parties and AIRPORTS?!

u/apollodeen / Via

13. I don't know the setting of this photo, but like, WOW(???):

u/sleuthblues / Via

14. The one in the plaid seems to be holding some sort of alcoholic beverage, so I'd say they, too, met at a party:

15. And LAAAASTLY, there are these coworkers (?) who maybe work at a tech startup (???) and wear LANYARDS (????????):

The world's a weird place!!!!!! Be careful out there and also pls invite me to your next Doppel-gët-together™, party people!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💁💁


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