21 Photos That'll Make Kitchen Workers Say "Been There"

    Apologies to my fellow kitchen workers.

    1. This photo from the day the dishwasher called out...

    2. And this one from the day the fryer drained onto the floor.

    3. This terrible walk-in configuration.

    4. This scorched pot that no amount of soaking can save.

    5. This labeling fail.

    6. And this sad excuse for a bearnaise sauce.

    7. This cutting board that definitely shouldn't have been used as a sheet pan.

    8. This inevitable situation.

    9. This costly mistake.

    10. This photo of a garbage bag filled with pounds and pounds of leaking food waste.

    11. This plastic wrap catastrophe.

    12. This terrible way to order an expensive wagyu steak...

    13. And this confusing (AND STUPID!) way to order ribs.

    14. This special request to split a single salad onto 11 plates...

    15. This textbook definition of being in the weeds.

    16. This unfortunate situation that occurred right as the closing crew was about to leave...

    17. This sad spillage that'll set you back about three hours.

    18. This buried scoop.

    19. This roll of tape that nobody decided to replace.

    20. This photo showing what happens when you try to open a can with a knife.

    21. This unfortunate spaghetti situation.