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    Updated on Feb 21, 2020. Posted on Jun 1, 2018

    21 Photos That'll Make Kitchen Workers Say "Been There"

    Apologies to my fellow kitchen workers.

    1. This photo from the day the dishwasher called out...

    Instagram: @winterhillfarmer

    Always a fun day!

    2. And this one from the day the fryer drained onto the floor.

    Instagram: @ckinrade

    How do you even clean that up? I don't think the old salt trick will work for this one...

    3. This terrible walk-in configuration.

    Facebook: ChefMemes

    This just seems like a bad idea (and 100% not to code).

    4. This scorched pot that no amount of soaking can save.

    Instagram: @teagan_and_amity

    HOW does this happen?

    5. This labeling fail.

    6. And this sad excuse for a bearnaise sauce.

    This should be illegal, TBH.

    7. This cutting board that definitely shouldn't have been used as a sheet pan.

    Who thought this would be a good idea?

    8. This inevitable situation.

    Twitter: @amdiazart

    Truly the saddest day of the year.

    9. This costly mistake.

    10. This photo of a garbage bag filled with pounds and pounds of leaking food waste.

    I can only imagine how heavy (and expensive) this is...

    11. This plastic wrap catastrophe.

    Instagram: @rox_h

    Once this happens, there's no turning back.

    12. This terrible way to order an expensive wagyu steak...

    Instagram: @kitchentickets

    That's like ordering sushi over easy.

    13. And this confusing (AND STUPID!) way to order ribs.

    Instagram: @kitchentickets

    What does this even mean?

    14. This special request to split a single salad onto 11 plates...

    Instagram: @kitchentickets

    What is this, a salad for ANTS?!

    15. This textbook definition of being in the weeds.

    16. This unfortunate situation that occurred right as the closing crew was about to leave...

    Instagram: @chefchl0is

    Oh, you were about to leave? LOL, NOPE.

    17. This sad spillage that'll set you back about three hours.

    Instagram: @katibugs1030

    All that work for NOTHING.

    18. This buried scoop.

    Instagram: @vtartaglia

    Only a MONSTER would put the scoop back like that.

    19. This roll of tape that nobody decided to replace.

    Instagram: @juce_

    Really guys?

    20. This photo showing what happens when you try to open a can with a knife.

    Instagram: @soph88lar

    Instant regret.

    21. This unfortunate spaghetti situation.

    Instagram: @tonyasaurus.rex

    I've had enough of this.