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    22 McDonald's Restaurants That Are Living In The Future

    A McDonald's with a pianist and chandeliers? Count me in.

    1. This McDonald's, which has live music twice a week.

    Maramorha / Via

    2. And this one with a live pianist.

    CalvinDehaze / Via

    3. This table with wireless chargers so you can refill your phone's battery while you have a coffee.

    robbiewhite36 / Via

    4. These lowered-down tables for kids.

    ToastyBoyisCool / Via

    5. This bin that lets you drain your liquids before recycling.

    humanasaurus / Via

    6. These stands in Mexico that sell only McDonald's desserts.

    mazysampson / Via

    7. This store with a conveyor belt that brings food down from the upper level.

    flynngilmore23 / Via

    8. This store, which has a walk-up window so you don't even have to go inside.

    wasit-worthit / Via

    9. While this ordering system means you don't have to talk to anyone.

    snailmail007 / Via

    10. This Macca's has a cushion for leaning on while you wait for your order.

    RedditGuyOnTheFly / Via

    11. This mobile McDonald's hopping on the food truck trend.

    meroson / Via

    12. This McDonald's with a GYM?!

    dejanjoe / Via

    13. And this mirror with an inbuilt TV, playing the news.

    tigerk40 / Via

    14. This restaurant with a tree in the middle of it.

    LeSireMeows / Via

    15. This McDonald's, which offers delivery.

    Jackhaymaker / Via

    16. This one, which is fancy AF.

    siwah / Via

    17. This one, which kinda looks like your old aunt's house.

    grasse19 / Via

    18. And this Polish restaurant, where tables are decorated with roses and candles.

    Papa_Songs / Via

    19. This restaurant, which offers old N64s to be played.

    Pazuzu_PNW / Via

    20. This decorative facade, found in Paris.

    Major-Woolley / Via

    21. This restaurant, which offers table service.

    unclaimedcreeks / Via

    22. And the McDonald's in Europe, where you can order beer.

    MysteriousUserDvD / Via

    H/T: r/mildlyinteresting

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