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March 20, 2011


Doing it pretty well, actually.

Doctor Who Cubeecraft

deviantARTist Cyberdrone (Chris), has created free, downloadable Doctor Who Cubee figure patterns for all eleven Doctors, many of the companions, a handful of TARDIS models (even the Bad Wolf one), and a slew of enemies. And you can make any of them using nothing more than a printer, some scissors, and a sharp knife/box cutter.

Spaghetti Fight On The Subway

This one begins with a suggestion that eating on the subway is inappropriate and ends with hurled insults, invective, and spaghetti. How do people know to film these things? (NYCtheBlog, via @antparty.)

Computer Criminals

This is now something that I am terribly worried about.

Never Get A Gremlin Wet

Now you'll have to find homes for all the little gremlins this one produces. Which wouldn't be difficult, actually. This bugger's damn cute.

Cupcakes For Drug Addicts

Warning: Highly Addictive. My drug of choice? Cupcakes.

Word Of The Day: Dolphinization

"Dolphinization is the raising of the consciousness of humans to the level of the dolphins and to integrate the Cetacea (dolphins and whales) into the cultures of the Earth."

Justin Bieber Learns The Days Of The Week

Rebecca Black continues to change lives.

Healthy Expression Of Anger

NSFW-ish. I get this kind of boner all the time, even though I'm a girl.

Barry Manilow Manllow

Manllow: half man, half pillow.

Spring Is Here!

In honor of surviving an exceptionally cold and snowy winter, I offer up this celebratory image of spring: a pigeon wearing a nasturtium.

The New Wonder Woman

No, really.

Ellen Page Is A Superhero

Who knows why, but who cares?

A Century Of Meat Consumption

Meat, through the decades.

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