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March 20, 2011

Doing it pretty well, actually.

deviantARTist Cyberdrone (Chris), has created free, downloadable Doctor Who Cubee figure patterns for all eleven Doctors, many of the companions, a handful of TARDIS models (even the Bad Wolf one), and a slew of enemies. And you can make any of them using nothing more than a printer, some scissors, and a sharp knife/box cutter.

This is now something that I am terribly worried about.

Now you'll have to find homes for all the little gremlins this one produces. Which wouldn't be difficult, actually. This bugger's damn cute.

Warning: Highly Addictive. My drug of choice? Cupcakes.

"Dolphinization is the raising of the consciousness of humans to the level of the dolphins and to integrate the Cetacea (dolphins and whales) into the cultures of the Earth."

Rebecca Black continues to change lives.

NSFW-ish. I get this kind of boner all the time, even though I'm a girl.

Manllow: half man, half pillow.

In honor of surviving an exceptionally cold and snowy winter, I offer up this celebratory image of spring: a pigeon wearing a nasturtium.

No, really.

Kate Winslet following in Jennifer Aniston’s footsteps and dating John Mayer?

Who knows why, but who cares?

It's about penises!

Dave Grohl don't wanna be "Glee's" monkey wrench. And Ryan Murphy isn't his hero.

$12.2 million!

The selfless workers total about 180.

I guess this is progress?

From Italian photographer Filippo Minelli’s ongoing series, Contradictions.

What's in a leaked iPhone 5 case?

So sad. :(

Please God make this happen.

Let's hear it for Nuclear Boy.

Meat, through the decades.

Apparently, she went to the beach or something.

It's not a nice time to be a female star.

MTV announced today that it's bringing back its much beloved alternative rock program 120 Minutes later this year. It will be hosted by gravel-voiced network vet Matt Pinfield, who helmed the show from 1995 to 1999, before leaving MTV to, among othe…

TMZ has obtained Mel Gibson's new mug shot -- taken late last night in connection with his criminal battery case.

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