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March 7, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Surveilance Video Stills

Stills obtained by Entertainment Tonight from the surveillance video at the heart of Lindsay Lohan's theft trial. Grand Theft LiLo!

Meet Beast, Mark Zuckerberg's New Puppy

Mark Zuckerberg created a Facebook profile for his new puppy. His name is Beast and he is cuter than God. According to the profile, Beast is a type of Hungarian Sheepdog known as a Puli. "Puli," in Hungarian, means "brilliant public relations strategy to soften your image."

King Philip IV Signs Autographs

More urban pranksterism from Improv Everywhere, this time deploying an actor with an eerie resemblance to the Velázquez portrait of Spain's King Philip IV to sign autographs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you don't get the gag, and because I'm prone to condescension, King Philip IV has been dead for 371 years.

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