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March 7, 2011

Incredibly Preserved Chinese Mummy Uncovered

When 700 years old you reach, look so good you will not. A high-ranking female from the Ming Dynasty was accidentally discovered by road workers in eastern China. So can we reverse engineer whatever she was preserved in and all live forever?

How To Spot A Liar

A useful infographic on foiling prevaricators (dirty liars) for all you fledgling forensic psychologists. See the whole chart over at Westword.

Gotta Save The Beer

Mitch Davie ain't scared of no high velocity bat flung into a crowd of spectators.

Upright Dogs

Aww, there's something peculiar but also very endearing about dogs that can walk upright. Maybe its because they seem all too human when they're standing on their hind legs.

Never-Before-Seen 9/11 Footage

Recently unearthed footage of the World Trade Center in flames on September 11th, 2001, shot from a NYPD helicopter and obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. The narration from the helicopter crew is riveting and heartbreaking. "Our people are down there."

Toothpick Portraits Of Celebrities

When you think that every material imaginable has been used as an art form, you learn about one more. This time, renowned toothpick artist, Steven Bachman, has created detailed portraits of celebrities. Now that's impressive!

Drive Me Closer IRL

And they say memes aren't educational. Let's take a journey down the rabbit hole to see how something lulzy can teach us more about the fighting in Libya.

The Creepiest Mobile Phone Ever

Want to feel closer to the person you're talking to? This is as close as it gets. Japanese researcher, Takashi Minato has created a human-shaped cell phone with a skin-like outer layer. No, this is not a joke - scarrrry!

King Philip IV Signs Autographs

More urban pranksterism from Improv Everywhere, this time deploying an actor with an eerie resemblance to the Velázquez portrait of Spain's King Philip IV to sign autographs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you don't get the gag, and because I'm prone to condescension, King Philip IV has been dead for 371 years.

When Classic Art And Cartoons Collide

Cartoons have gone classic! Here, some of your favorite cartoon characters have found their way into the works of famous artists. However, the artist of these creative portraits is still at large.

Kitty Love

This is easily the cutest thing I've seen all day. Can I has love?

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