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March 17, 2011

Couch Camouflage

It took me a moment to realize what I was looking at here. Well done, soldier. Well done.

Baby Owl: Adorable Or Terrifying?

This baby owl perches on the fine line between winning hearts and devouring souls. Whatever you do, don't blink.


And what, you may ask, is a Cyclotrope?

Ark Music Factory Highlights

Rebecca Black is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Top 166 And A Half Things Found In A Scranton Woman's Vagina

A woman in Scranton, Pennsylvania was arrested on suspicion of burglary. After a thorough body search, authorities found an amazing array of items hidden in her vagina. Here is the full menu of vaginal contraband. Since the denominations were not announced (and for the sake of running up the score), the $55.22 were broken down into individual dollars and cents. In the race to turn body cavities into clown cars, this woman is winning.

(Notes On) Biology

Here's a super cool stop-motion animation starring a robot elephant.

Super Mario Theme Song Acapella

This is a wicked one-man remix.

Dance Off (Different Sizes)

This is probably how you dance.

A Symphony of Goats

Goats making sweet, sweet music. They're nature's sousaphones.

Car Camera View Of The Tsunami Hitting A Road Near The Coast

I have no idea how this person/video survived, but here it is.

Charlie Sheen Beating Sarah Palin In Presidential Polling

No, seriously. Public Policy Polling, apparently bored with their jobs, found that Sheen was beating Palin amongst all-important independent voters in a hypothetical presidential match-up. Duh. Full results here.

First Person Mario

Freddie Wong made an awesome recreation of Mario in the same vein as a first person shooter.

The Jedi Temple Is Real

Quick, we all need to pool our money and fly to Chile!

"Friday" Meets "Friday"

Everybody's looking forward to the weekend.

Fat, Ugly Or Slutty?

There are no girls on the Internet. Two female gamers were sharing their war stories about online gaming when they hit upon the idea to make a humorous site,, where women could o_O about the stuff that men boys are willing to spew at gamers of the XX persuasion.

The Situation's Banned Jokes, Presented By The Leprechaun

The Situation's comedy routine at the roast of Donald Trump was instantly hailed the worst thing ever, but it somehow just got worse. Comedy Central deemed a joke aimed at Snoop Dogg as too racist and cut it from the broadcast. Here is that joke, plus a few more offensive cracks at the expense of Marlee Matlin and Larry King that were omitted, as told by the The Leprechaun from "Leprechaun." Y'know, because it's St. Patrick's Day. Shut up.

Tsunami Hitting Miyako City

Scary new video of the tsunami hitting the small port town of Miyako City.

Baby Loves This Word

This is my new theme song for Mondays.

The History Of Saint Patrick

Let's all drink to the patron saint of Stockholm Syndrome!

Art For Japan

A collection of artwork attempting to raise money for relief efforts in Japan. Despite all of the taco shop brawls and farting Charlie Sheens, sometimes the internet can do good. Links to the individual artist or fundraising page are provided if you feel like chipping in. *This post has been edited to remove a trans slur.*

Better Than Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. - Ben Franklin

Haircuts In Popular Music

A comprehensive compendium of canonical coiffures in pop music. You can buy the poster over at Pop Chart Lab.

Royce G. Garrison Delivers The Performance Of A Lifetime

On November 13, 1991, Royce G. Garrison was filmed by his father in his grandmother's basement singing "Emotions" by Mariah Carey.

Leprechaun Trap Cake

Quick, someone photoshop Adimiral Ackbar into St. Paddy's Day attire! Using a bundt cake pan and some imagination, Megan has made a tasty attempt to get free wishes today.

Leprechaun Dogs

It's St. Patrick's Day. Let's get drunk and dress up a bunch of dogs like leprechauns. Erin go bark. Woof.

Alpaca Shenanigans

Some Alpacas are really shaggy, apparently.

Unstoppable Turtles

Another option is to be teenage and mutant, but this works too.

Loyal To The End

Think dogs don't feel emotions? These two pictures will prove you wrong. My heart just broke a little.

LeAnn Rimes Defends Her Super-Skinny Frame

Many brides-to-be lose pounds before the wedding, either because they're intentionally "dieting for the dress" or because all that stress is taking a toll. But has LeAnn Rimes taken her pre-wedding diet a little too far?

NCAA Bracket 2011 Predictions: Final Four, Obama's Bracket and Winning Your Pool

With the NCAA tournament ready to get underway, the "first round" starts Tuesday night. We will have all the updates, information, stats and facts that you will need to win your pool.

Goldman's 8 New 'Conviction' Stock Buys

Goldman Sachs has added 19 stocks to its Conviction Buy List in 2011 and removed others. For investors willing to go against the grain and buy stocks in a down market, the global investment bank's picks may offer substantial upside.

Why Is There No Looting in Japan in Earthquake Aftermath?

Images of looting are all too familiar at most recent disasters -- whether out of greed or necessity -- but not in Japan. Experts say the reaction is part of the Japanese culture.

Ruth Reichl's Doomsday Tweets - a Moveable Tweet

Food writer and newly-annointed Top Chef Masters judge Ruth Reichl recently got dinged for continuing her hippy-dippy tweets in the face of the apocalyptic scenario playing out in Japan. "What planet are you on? The one WITHOUT thousands dying from an earthquake?".

Is the Wisconsin Budget like Obama's Health Care Reform? Well, Kinda!

"Now maybe the Liberals know how the Conservatives felt last year when the Democrat Congress rammed Obamacare through (without even reading it)."

Bag of Oregano Results in Suspensions

CHESAPEAKE, Va., March 16 (UPI) -- A Virginia father said he was outraged his son was suspended for possessing a plastic bag of oregano at his middle school.


Acronyms and abbreviations in textspeak are getting more convoluted every day. Twitter member @TeenDreaming took it to the level of the ridiculous with a Tweet that was turned into this Twaggie.

Penguins Walking around a Jetliner

Three days ago, on a Southwest Airlines flight from San Francisco to San Diego, penguins waddled around the plane. SeaWorld was transporting them to a convention and the penguins’ attendants decided to give them some free time.

If Romance Novel Covers Came to Life

A woman and her boyfriend have set the new high-water mark, in general.

Body Language Experts: 'Bachelor' Brad and Emily Can't Stand Each Other

We now know it's splitsville for 'Bachelor' Brad Womack and Emily Maynard. Of course, we had to suffer the entire 'After the Rose' ceremony to learn that nothing is turning up roses for the reality television couple.

Important Message From Us Girls

Gentlemen, pay attention. This is serious business.

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