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March 24, 2011

Low-Budget Wolverine

Want to be Wolverine? Don't have billions of dollars to spend on lining your skeleton with a make-believe alloy? Aren't Hugh Jackman? Have we got the solution for you! Also for the budget-conscious, take methamphetamines for the illusion of a healing factor. NOTICE: Do not take methamphetamines for the illusion of a healing factor.

15 Fandoms Expressed With Nail Art

Yeah, but the real challenge is to keep it from chipping for over five minutes. It's amazing what can be done with nail polish, patience and a lot of toothpicks.

A World Map Of Video Game Villains

Interesting infographic breaking down the nationalities of villains in military-themed video games. China is quickly becoming the global boogeyman of choice. And apparently developers don't find New Zealand very threatening.

Mosh Pit In Finland

The camera operator was obviously torn over which was more fascinating, the awkward band or the awkward loss of motor control they were triggering in the audience. How do you say "arrhythmic jerking" in Finnish?

The King Of Time

Cannot be unseen. There's some debate as to whether the king is bearded or has boobs. It's in the eye of the beholder.

Bathamm and Superhamm

Artist Stanley Chow did what most of us have done at one time or another: imagined Jon Hamm in tights, fighting crime. Why Warner Bros. didn't make this a reality instead of casting some limey as Superman, Zod only knows. But if Christian Bale doesn't return for a fourth Batman film, there's hope. Desperate, sweaty hope.

Anthony Weiner High School Photo

Anthony Weiner, New York congressman and liberal icon, in a 1981 high school yearbook photo. Released by Rep. Weiner himself on his Twitter page. There is nothing wrong in America that can't be fixed by what is right in this photo.

20 Ways To Tell Someone Secretly Hates You

It's not always easy to tell if someone hates you. But there's a good chance they do if ... you're great looking, successful, smart, rich and the list goes on. Take a look at some telltale signs that prove you aren't just plain paranoid.

Snake Thinks Cat's Tail Is Another Snake

This is a metaphor for how sometimes people think you are something that you are not, but then how I will kick that person's ass if they try to cross me again. You know who you are, motherfucker. (Just kidding! This is not a metaphor for anything except how snakes are obviously not the smartest animals.) Via @aptpat.

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