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March 24, 2011

New York Rangers star Brandon Prust has been caught red-lipped.

Michael Walsh, a former associate editor of Time, is the author (writing as David Ka hane) of "Rules for Radical Conservatives."

Sure, she’s bundled up in a winter coat because of remarkably unseasonable weather in New York City, but not even a parka can completely hide Natalie Portman‘s baby bump.

Newspapers had a tough time in the recession with many shutting down, cutting staff, or starting mandatory furloughs. Kevin Provencher, a reporter at the New Hampshire Union Leader had an interesting idea on how to weather the storm.

Want to be Wolverine? Don't have billions of dollars to spend on lining your skeleton with a make-believe alloy? Aren't Hugh Jackman? Have we got the solution for you! Also for the budget-conscious, take methamphetamines for the illusion of a healing factor. NOTICE: Do not take methamphetamines for the illusion of a healing factor.

Yeah, but the real challenge is to keep it from chipping for over five minutes. It's amazing what can be done with nail polish, patience and a lot of toothpicks.

You need to watch "Obama's Elf" right NOW.

Interesting infographic breaking down the nationalities of villains in military-themed video games. China is quickly becoming the global boogeyman of choice. And apparently developers don't find New Zealand very threatening.

Behold, the secrets of effective manifesto writing!

I can't tell you why I like Wayne Brady. I JUST DO.

The camera operator was obviously torn over which was more fascinating, the awkward band or the awkward loss of motor control they were triggering in the audience. How do you say "arrhythmic jerking" in Finnish?

Write a snippy one-liner for this photo of Debra Messing, who went shopping in NYC's Soho neighborhood Sunday.

Cannot be unseen. There's some debate as to whether the king is bearded or has boobs. It's in the eye of the beholder.


Milton the corgi simply refuses to go for an outing on a hot summer's day.

In his defense, this is what I look like on the inside when people try to sing this to me in public.

Nice try, 1980s marketing department.

Artist Stanley Chow did what most of us have done at one time or another: imagined Jon Hamm in tights, fighting crime. Why Warner Bros. didn't make this a reality instead of casting some limey as Superman, Zod only knows. But if Christian Bale doesn't return for a fourth Batman film, there's hope. Desperate, sweaty hope.

It's not always easy to tell if someone hates you. But there's a good chance they do if ... you're great looking, successful, smart, rich and the list goes on. Take a look at some telltale signs that prove you aren't just plain paranoid.

But wait...wouldn't the lightsaber cut through the ball?

Horrible and disgusting.

Peter Coffin learned this particular life lesson the hard way.

The unicorn slips through our grasp one more time.

Now class, please see Figure 40 for the anatomical chart of the cupcake.

I mean, aren't we all?

This clip of a Russian “How I Met Your Mother” knock-off made the rounds yesterday, although I have no idea why because it’s in Russian and there aren’t any subtitles.

Elizabeth Taylor was wild and beautiful and unpretentious and insanely glamorous.

Jesus Christ.


If you’re planning a trip to Spring Break this year, rest assured, these six people will be there to greet you when you arrive.

Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor has died of heart failure.

Nice one, ABC.

This was my regular routine at the family Christmas every year until I was 10 years old.

Finally, a map of the world that takes into consideration what matters most when you're deciding upon a travel destination.


Yay or nay?

Liz Taylor was the original Lady Gaga.

Sucks for the koalas though.


There are no words.

The 23-year-old model changed up her look with the help of celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson. Brooklyn took off a total of ten inches of hair!

Kim's name is mentioned quite a bit by athletes, but which other women are athletes obsessed with?

Zombies and everything!

Michael Ian Black for Taco Bell Spokesman. This must happen.

What a fucking tool.

For fans of cleavage (and/or alliteration) only.

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan told the New York Daily News on Tuesday that his father, former NFL coach Buddy Ryan, has been diagnosed with cancer.


On the whole, French Vogue supplement Vogue Enfants is a gem for parents and children alike. But some things about it are just a little bit creepy.

A retrospective.

Something is going on.

Chris Brown is seeing red after making an appearance on Good Morning America on Tuesday.

Selena Gomez looked stunning when she performed Sunday night at the Concert for Hope to raise money for cancer research.

Juliette Lewis showed off her surprisingly toned bikini body when she was spotted frolicking in the waves in Los Cabos, Mexico earlier this week.

Pittsburgh Steelers backup quarterback Charlie Batch has other things to worry about besides the labor battle with NFL owners.

A California man who was mistaken for a burglar lost his life last weekend when a victimized homeowner chased him down and hacked him to death with an ax, according to police reports.

Now let me hear you say Way-Ho!!!

Let's call it an epidemic.

An American hero, clearly.

Things that are obviously really good ideas.

Justin Timberlake is barely cold in his grave!

The royal fridge and freezer, which is sold by GDHA, a U.K. distributor of GE appliances, features the more casual of the two official engagement pictures taken by photographer Mario Testino.

U.S. hip-hop star Soulja Boy has confirmed via Twitter his younger brother was killed in a weekend car crash.

Aw, it's gonna be okay, truck.

Commitment is a bitch.


Meet the interesting humans of New York.

Brad Womack -- who just selected his new fiancee on "The Bachelor" -- called 911 this morning after witnessing a man having a panic attack in a park near his Texas home ...

This morning Robin brought up all of that nasty business and it didn’t sit well with Brown.

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