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March 14, 2011

Alexandra Wallace

Alexandra Wallace is a UCLA student whose unbelievably ill-timed, ignorant, racist YouTube rant against Asians is setting the Internet on fire this week. UCLA's student populace and the Internet at large have responded with typical intolerance, escalating the problem to a point where Alexandra Wallace is receiving death threats. So, another good week for TMI, racism, and overreactions. Well done, team.

A Mother's Nightmare

Words, I have none. This photo is such a tragically powerful image of what so many families in Japan are suffering.

Maryland Fan With Beautiful Head Of Hair

If Santa Claus, Sam Elliot and the Golem of Jewish lore were dropped into the Large Hadron Collider, what would emerge would still not be as wonderful as this follicular specimen. He Wins March Mustache Madness. Hell, he wins March Everything Madness. Use our image editor at the bottom of the page and mustache ride him into photos of your choosing!

The Coughin' Coffin

The most cutely macabre tissue box you're liable to find. Just add ectoplasm from your nose.

Yummy Pi Day Pies

Happy Pi Day! Even if you're not a math nerd, today is a great excuse to eat some pie.

George Washington, Zombie Hunter

Another patriotically bad-ass presidential portrait from Jason Heuser, this time depicting the Father of Our Country slaying his way through the zombocalypse. He chopped through that zombie's brain pan like it was a cherry tree.

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