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March 14, 2011

Alexandra Wallace

Alexandra Wallace is a UCLA student whose unbelievably ill-timed, ignorant, racist YouTube rant against Asians is setting the Internet on fire this week. UCLA's student populace and the Internet at large have responded with typical intolerance, escalating the problem to a point where Alexandra Wallace is receiving death threats. So, another good week for TMI, racism, and overreactions. Well done, team.

7 Disney Characters Shoehorned Into Famous Films

And one television show. Over at SomethingAwful, toons are being photoshopped into darker situations, with hilarious results. I dare you to say you wouldn't watch these remakes.

George Washington, Zombie Hunter

Another patriotically bad-ass presidential portrait from Jason Heuser, this time depicting the Father of Our Country slaying his way through the zombocalypse. He chopped through that zombie's brain pan like it was a cherry tree.

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