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12 Life Hacks Every Twentysomething Should Know

You're an adult now... well sorta.

1. Knowing your student loan details could save you thousands of dollars.

Most lenders typically give you a six month grace period where you don't have to repay your loans. However, interest can accure during this time. Be sure to check with your lender for all the details.

More info: Department of Education- "5 Things You Need To Know About Your Student Loans"

2. Using online banks will save you a lot of money in unnecessary fees.

Online banks offer way better interest rates, no monthly maintenance fees, and often no minimum balances. They are able to offer such great deals because they save on money personnel.

More info: Nerd Wallet- "Top Online Checking Accounts"

3. A high APR can screw you over.


APR (annual percentage rate) is what your credit card company charges you for keeping a balance on your credit card. You are charged interest if you don't pay off the full amount you owe each month.

Make sure you know what your APR rate is when signing up for a credit card as the rates range from 0%-30%, which can make a big difference on your bank account.

More info: Bank of America

4. You can stay on your parent's health insurance until you're 26.

Even if you are: married, not living with your parents, are attending school, are not financially dependent on your parents, and are eligible to enroll in your employer’s plan.

More info: "Young Adult Coverage"

5. Just because you're young doesn't mean you can avoid the doctor's office completely.

Women: Starting at 21, you should have yearly pap smears, complete check-ups every two years, and a clinical breast exam every three years.

More info: Komen Foundation

Men: Starting in your 20s, you should have a complete check-up every two years. Things to look out for include: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and testicular cancer.

More info: WebMD

6. There is no need to wash your clothes in anything but cold water.

Despite the countless options on your washing machine, cold water is perfectly capable of thoroughly cleaning your clothes and killing germs. Plus it helps preserve color in your darker clothes!

The one semi-exception is stinky synthetic fabrics (like some gym clothes). If they're not 100% cotton you may want to wash them with hot water.

More info: Real Simple: "Does Washing Clothes In Cold Water Really Get Them Clean?

7. Most clothes don't actually need to be dry cleaned.

If you want to save some serious cash, use Johnson's baby shampoo or Woolite in cold water as a dry cleaning substitute.

However, for important items like suits/expensive dresses, we still recommend you use regular dry cleaning. Better safe than sorry.

More info: Cosmopolitan- "Dry Cleaning Tips"

8. Cooking in foil is an easy way to cook for one.

"Wrap a bunch of food in aluminum foil or parchment paper and pop it in the oven. You can make fish or chicken together with veggies in a single-serving sized packet. When you're done you don't have any pots to scrub — you just throw out the paper or foil."

More info: Food Network- "Cooking For One Tips and Recipes"

9. Always check the unit price when figuring out what's the better deal.

The unit price is the fastest way to figure out exactly how much you're paying per unit (oz, serving, etc) for each item, making it easy to figure out the best deal.

More info: Keep More Of Your Paycheck

10. You can get up to a 10% discount on your car insurance premium if you take a defensive driver class.

Most classes are around $25, can be taken online, and qualify you for a discount for up to three years.

More info: Allstate and Twentysomething Budget

11. Private things should stay private.

If you don't want your employers or exes accessing something private, check out this constantly updated guide to get your Facebook privacy settings up to date. Warning: you will be frustrated by the end of this process.

More info: Lifehacker- "The Always Up-To-Date Guide To Managing Your Facebook

12. You don't have to pay for your ebooks.

Just because you have an e-reader doesn't mean you have to start paying for books, many libraries now offer free ebooks to anyone with a library card.

More info: Ebook Lending Library List