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May 7, 2013

18 Instagrams Taken In Syria In The Last Month

The internet was turned off in Syria on Tuesday. While it's tough to verify which recent Instagrams were actually taken on the ground in Syria and which photos are fake, these photos were all geotagged to locations in Syria over the last month.

DJ Peter Rauhofer Has Died

Less than a month after being diagnosed with brain cancer, Rauhofer — a longtime Madonna collaborator and legendary DJ on the gay party circuit — has passed away. He was 48 years old.

Look At These "Gay Faces"

One New York City artist is photographing queer individuals of varying ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds in order to make a statement. Gaze upon them.

MASH But With Vines

Just close your eyes and click on the Vine and wherever it stops is what's going to happen to you. Mansion, apartment, shack or house?

An Ode To Halfcat

Meet Halfcat, the first animal species native to Google Street View. Or a weird Photoshop? Either way:

Amy Seimetz Leads A New Generation Of Women Filmmakers

With roles in Upstream Color, The Killing and HBO's Family Tree, plus her own directorial debut Sun Don't Shine, the Florida native is dominating TV and theater screens. She's also fighting subtle sexism and an outdated industry.

South Carolina Comes Around To Mark Sanford

As the race for South Carolina's 1st District tightens, the former governor is in a very good mood. "It turns out he's crazy as a fox and it looks like he's going to pull this off."

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