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18 Reasons Hot Dogs Are The Perfect Food

Hot dogs can change your life, if you let them.

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1. Hot dogs force people to get creative.

2. They encourage us to be resourceful.

3. And they help us throw awesome parties.

4. Hot dogs create jobs.

5. They make people question the boundaries of what is possible.

6. And they help us get dressed in the morning.

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Buy it here.

7. Hot dogs force us to question our beliefs.

8. They show us what competition is all about.

9. They make us beautiful.

10. And they inspire art.

11. Hot dogs show us how evolution works.

12. They help us express romantic feelings.

13. They bring families together.

14. And they help us bond with our pets.

15. Hot dogs inspire other foods to reach for the stars.

16. They can be made into toys if you're bored.

17. They make shopping for cheap furniture something to look forward to.

18. And they can transform any meal into something special.


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