30 Itty-Bitty Foods That Look Good Enough To Eat

But you CAN’T because they’re FAKE and also the size of a QUARTER.

1. Petite Pommes Frites

2. Diminutive Crudité

3. Wee Everything Bagel with Lox and Avocado

4. Fried Egg Earrings

5. S’more Studs

6. Baby Breakfast-in-Bed

7. Miniature Crab Platter

9. Pizza Earrings

10. Small Stir-Fry

11. Pint-Sized PB&J

12. Peewee Pancakes

13. Little Bread

14. Runty Romanian Cheesecake

15. Grilled Cheese Necklace

16. Chips and Dip Cufflinks

18. The Smallest Picnic

19. The Most Lilliputian Pigs-in-Blankets

20. Pain au Chocolat That are Actually Too Cute to Be Real


21. Baked Potato Cufflinks

22. Bantam Falafel

24. Microscopic Banana Slices

25. Absolutely Enormous Lollipops

Hahahhahahahah just kidding, no they’re not.

26. Small-Scale Spring Rolls

27. Pork Buns That Are So Endearing Your Heart Might Explode

28. Taco and Beer Ring

If I am proposed to with anything less than this, I am so unbelievably out of there.

29. Bagel and Cheese and a Beer Ring

Unless it’s with this little number. How have none of us thought of this combination before, is my question.

30. Nutella Ring

Let’s be honest: This is the one.

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